Follow through

That’s right. I’m blogging. It’s shocking me too.

No, it’s not because of my love for Barney Stinson’s character on HIMYM. Yes, I’m aware readership will be low.  I’m blogging because I learned something today: follow through. The Urban Dictionary definition, that is – click with caution.

Indeed, I find this funny (see my About page), but that got me thinking about the definition of “follow through” and how I often suck at it. And then I thought of this blog…

You see, this blog is actually not new. It used to be hosted on Blogspot and it’s more than 3 years old. Hanging out with my then-roommates (shout out Maggie, Kirby, Kate!), we came to the conclusion that I’m often “ohhhh-ing” to pop-culture and lingo references. So I started a blog that would cover the thing(s) I learned each day that were likely discussed in the living room of 2900 Mainstone. I created the concept, drafted the about blurb, half-assed the design idea, and never wrote a single post.

Follow through.

Therefore, I’ve decided to start this up again. Or start rather. The design/layout may change, perhaps I’ll splurge on a custom URL, but I’m officially doing this! Tune in each day (or that’s the goal, anyway) to learn about what I learned about. Maybe you’ll learn something too! Or you can just judge me for being so behind the ball.

So — practicing what I learned today and following through. And to preempt the comments of my inappropriate friends, I’m indeed talking about the definition. Thanks for reading.


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