Monthly Archives: May 2012

TRIed. Succeeded.

Goal #1 is officially complete. I finished a triathlon.

But, that’s kinda cheating. Because when I made that goal, I meant complete an Olympic distance triathlon – 1.5K swim, 40K bike, 10K run – and the triathlon I did this weekend was a sprint, half that distance. Eh, details.

So, let’s just say the goal is nearly complete. Or better yet, I have two Olympic distance races scheduled for July and September, so we’ll just let those fulfill goals #2 and #3, per the list. So that’s one down, 11 to go!

For the record, I’m not doing so hot on the rest of the Top 12 to Tackle list. But that shouldn’t be a surprise to you, because… I haven’t blogged in FOREVER! Between work and training, life has not allowed for time to write, or do much of anything else, really. So much for follow through. Hopefully I’ll be back soon in all my blogging glory. A social life would also be nice…

Anywho, this blog isn’t called Lindsay Complains, it’s called Lindsay Learns. So here’s what I learned from my first official triathlon:

  • SWIM: Wetsuits are strangely flattering, even though you look and feel like sea lion.
  • BIKE: Chains can indeed pop off the rings. Not cool when it happens during a race, but cool when it happens on the way downhill and somehow fixes itself. THAT could have been treacherous.
  • RUN: It’s ok if 50 year old women pass you. Good on them. In addition, runs are made better when the band starts playing Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way” and you pretend like you are Forrest Gump running across the country with doting followers trailing your path.  Talk about getting a second wind.

More learnings to come. Eventually.