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Mid-year Review

Well, folks, 185 days ago, I made a commitment: 12 Things to Tackle in 2012. Now that we are half-way into year, let’s see where I stand.

From the January 3, 2012 post, today’s comments in red

In 2012, I’ll do a better job of tracking my lessons (via, of course) [Well, 4 posts in 6 months, clearly not doing a better job], so expect a more thorough year-in-review learnings list in roughly 365 days [I still have time…], assuming the world doesn’t end. To kick these lessons off, please find below 12 things to tackle (not necessarily resolutions) in 2012:

  1. Per #8 – #11 above: complete a triathlon (I’ll chronicle this initiative in the “Lindsay TRIes” category) – Completed my first triathlon on May 12. Check.
  2. And because it’s a triathlon, I think it’s only fair that it occupies three of these goals… – Doing another one tomorrow, in the 100+ degree heat. Here’s hoping I survive. Almost-check.
  3. (See #2) – I’ve got one more slated for September to kick-off BirthWeek. Almost-check.
  4. Stop relying on the Whole Foods prepared section and put my new gluten-free cookbooks to work. If my cooking is anything like my baking, expect some entertaining blog posts in the near future, chronicled under the “Lindsay cooks” category. – Haven’t used the cookbooks yet, still living off of the WF prepared section, and now replacing real meals with Robek’s smoothies as well. Fail.
  5. Waste two more hours of my life on part two. Do not waste 10 hours of my life watching the marathons on FX…again. – Will let you know in November.
  6. Per #6 on the 2011 list: don’t cheat myself and embrace change – could pay off better than expected. – Wow that was cryptic. Well, 50% of this had to do with my love life, so regarding that half… Check.  The other half was probably alluding to something I was stressed out about because it was the end of the year. You see, every December, John Lennon gets to me with his “so this is Christmas and what have you done” bit, which gets me in a tizzy about my life decisions. I get all emotional, change my hair style, experiment with fashion trends, and clearly, make ridiculous and cryptic goals. Ultimately, this confirms that despite my often inappropriate mouth and humor, I’m indeed a girl and girls are crazy. I’m claiming high levels of estrogen on this one and striking it from the to-do list. Moving on…
  7. Increase the ROI and wear my glasses. (Largely in an effort to fish for more Eva Mendes references.) – I wore them last week. Prior to that, not at all. Fail.
  8. Finish the Harry Potter book series (a 2010 Christmas gift) some time before Christmas 2012. – Maybe if Harry Potter had Christian Grey as a character… Yeah, still on HP book 2.
  9. Take advantage of my height and make some magic happen for my clients and my teams. – Well, a client event made Suri’s Burn Book (see image below). Nothing to do with my height, but I’d still call that a success.  I’m sure I put up a tall banner at some point, so… Check.
  10. Be more attentive to my phone and promptly reply to voicemails. (Sorry, family.) Also, be more accepting of my generation’s communication preferences by embracing text messages. (And by text messages I mean iMessages – not paying for something I hate.) Let’s all just agree to email instead. Eh? Fail.
  11. Use fewer parentheses because I realize it’s getting obnoxious. (Sorry for being easily distracted.) (And sorry I’m long-winded.) (Also, sorry that I have comments on my comments.) – Yeah, this one is just not happening. (Fail.)
  12. And of course, follow through. – Well…

So to recap:

  • 2 things are complete
  • 3 things are likely to be complete
  • 5 things really don’t stand a chance
  • 1 thing has be 86ed because I’m a quitter… which means the last one isn’t looking so hot.

And finally: today I learned… I’ve failed my mid-year review, and I’m in danger of getting fired from my life.

But I think I’m back to blogging semi-regularly. I think…

Hillz & Ben headlining a client event; covered by Suri Cruise