How I Fared in 2012

In 2013, I resolve not to resolve. Here’s why…

Approx 365 days ago, I published a list of resolutions on Lindsay Learns, but God forbid I be normal and actually call them resolutions. Instead, they were 12 Things to Tackle in 2012.

Six months later, I published a mid-year review to see how I was doing. At the time, the standing was:

  • 2 things complete
  • 3 things likely to be complete
  • 5 things really didn’t stand a chance
  • 1 thing was 86ed

Now that 2012 has ended, here’s how I did…

Goal #1: Complete a triathlon

Result: Complete, May 12


Goal #2: Because it’s a triathlon, I think it’s only fair that it occupies three of these goals…

Result: Second tri complete, July 7


Goal #3: (See #2)

Result: Third tri complete, Sept 9


Goal #4: Stop relying on the Whole Foods prepared section and put my new gluten-free cookbooks to work.

Result: Failed. Never used the cookbooks, but started eating Paleo anyway.


Goal #5: Waste two more hours of my life on part two. Do not waste 10 hours of my life watching the marathons on FX…again.

Result: Complete, Dec 8. Thank God it’s over.

Goal #6: Don’t cheat myself and embrace change – could pay off better than expected.

Result: Per the mid-year review, this goal has been removed from the to-do list. However, I’m adding it back on. Because after 8 years of reliability, travels up and down the east coast, a demolished quarter panel, countless flat tires, and 3 hubcabs lost to aggressive parallel parking… I embraced change, sold my car and bought a new one. So… Complete, Dec 21. The world really did end that day.


Goal #7: Increase the ROI and wear my glasses.

Result: Complete, Dec 31. Yep, wore them on the last day of the year, just so I could mark this one complete.


Goal #8: Finish the Harry Potter book series (a 2010 Christmas gift) some time before Christmas 2012.

Result: Failed. But I did start reading in general and did finish another “young adult” series. It could happen.

Goal #9: Take advantage of my height and make some magic happen for my clients and my teams.

Result: I took height to a new level for my team. To 30,000 feet to be exact. All for the sake of filming this:

Goal #10: Be more attentive to my phone and promptly reply to voicemails. (Sorry, family.) Also, be more accepting of my generation’s communication preferences by embracing text messages. (And by text messages I mean iMessages – not paying for something I hate.)

Result: Failed. Please email me if needed.

Goal #11: Use fewer parentheses because I realize it’s getting obnoxious. (Sorry for being easily distracted.) (And sorry I’m long-winded.) (Also, sorry that I have comments on my comments.)

Result: Actually, complete. Date unknown. I’m now using a lot of em dashes (–) to insert my thoughts.

Goal #12: And of course, follow through.

Result: Ongoing, my friend. Ongoing.

So what did I ultimately learn in 2012? Make fewer goals. And by fewer I mean none. Also, the Mayans lied.


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  1. I’m still taking credit as the prime mover in the car swapping fiasco.

    • If peer pressure was the motivation here, I would have bought a new one some 5 years ago. But if your taking credit means you’ll also make the payments, by all means…

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