They say you learn something new every day. According to my closest friends, I’m learning things I should have known by the 7th grade.

Some of my daily learnings are related to things of substance – history, policy, the way the world works. But mostly, I’m learning about something that is more likely to be defined on Urban Dictionary: slightly grotesque and a little immature.

Sure, my girlfriends and I are in our mid-late 20’s, but sometimes, we can sound just like 12 year old boys. Happy reading…

  1. I think that this is a wonderfully modern way to just jot down what you think utilizing technology an sparking thought in others. To put it another way; killing two birds with one stone. Meaning? Self therapy to empty your brain after a typically long day and paying it forward by sparking thoughts in others. Even the mind is something you can lose if you don’t use it.

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