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Arms Akimbo = Facebook appropriate

Arms akimbo. Yeah, it’s a thing. And it’s what I learned today…

According to Wikipedia, arms akimbo is: a human body position in which the hands are on the hips and the elbows are bowed outward, or bent or bowed in a more general sense.

Soooo, this:

Women the world over, however, know it best as the ideal position to be photographed in because:

  1. Your, um, “extra arm bulge” is made less visible as it’s not billowed against the side of your body;
  2. You can simultaneously push in your love handles, giving you a more hourglass-like figure; and
  3. This pose seamlessly gives you a bit of flair and spunk, but really, you know what’s up (1 & 2).

Can I get an Amen?

Don’t believe me? Pick a girlfriend, go to her Facebook page. I guarantee that at least one of her first 10 tagged photos will feature her with arms akimbo. Or at least one arm akimbo, and the girlfriend she’s pictured with reciprocating with the opposite arm. That, my friends, is a skill.

In the age of Facebook and photo-sharing, digital cameras and Smartphones, it’s hard not to be snapped in an image that will soon make the rounds of public viewership. As a result, people (and by people, I mean females) are very aware of how to position themselves juuust right for social network distribution. This…

…was not planned. But, even in the excitement of prepping for a friend’s wedding, I’m sure we all knew the photo would be on Facebook (or my blog…) within 24 hours, so we unconsciously auto-piloted into arms akimbo. Some of you may also recall the sorority squat – another flattering position that allows for more people to fit into a photo frame, made popular by sorority women. Interesting how we instinctively default into such poses.

So, what I learned:

  1. Obvi, the term “arms akimbo” courtesy of Buzz Feed.
  2. “Akimbo” is a fun word to say.
  3. It appears we take photos more for online circulation and less for capturing memories. But hey, at least we look good.

And lastly, I promise I’m not flaking on my blog – I just haven’t learned anything worth sharing over the past several days. Well, I haven’t learned anything that wouldn’t be incriminating to post anyway…  I’ll get to that “learning” as soon as I can figure out how to eloquently discuss a real-life night like this:


Officially a Caucafrican

It’s been confirmed – I’m officially 50% black and 50% white.

Or is it Black and White? Or is it African-American and Caucasian? Not sure which is P.C. these days and less awkward for people say. (But don’t you just love when people start stuttering because they don’t know which version to use – ha!)

Now, I’m assuming a DNA test could confirm this too (or you know, my black father and white mother), but my very scientific findings are based on something far more reliable: Stuff White People Like.

The creators of this blog have identified 134 things that white people like. I assume that their list could be longer, but they haven’t updated it since September 2010 because their blog became a (second) successful book and their humorous commentary became available for speaking engagements (note to self…)

Either way, I took this list of stuff white people liked, dumped it into an Excel spread sheet, and marked each “thing”:

  • Yes – as a white person, I like this
  • No – as a black person, I don’t like this
  • Maybe – as a female, I can’t make up my mind

This, in theory, would give me my official, uncontested racial percentage breakdown. The result: 39% white, 32% black, 25% woman.  Not helpful.

So I forced myself to stop being a girl and make a yes or no decision. After over analyzing each undecided “thing” (guess where #56 Lawyers landed on my list) and taking the bloggers’ rationale into account, I divvyed each gray response clearly into black and white. The final result: 67 yays and 67 nays. Ladies, Gentlemen, Kenny (love you, bro) – I’m half white and half black!

Proof I’m 50% white  

Proof I’m 50% black

In conclusion: What does this mean? I’m a Caucafrican! I’m clearly not one or the other, though others often refuse to accept that. I don’t fit into the predefined categories (though, who does). Regardless of what your perception may be of someone – based on skin color or disposition – only he/she can say who he/she truly is. We each choose our own identity and define our own sense of self. Mine may be based on a humor blog, but that works for me. So for the record, if you ask me to choose just one, I’ll choose Caucafrican. And now I’ve got the data (…) to back me up. And in the end, it doesn’t make a difference; I’m just Lindsay.

But for the record, I’m making every effort to not breed with a fellow Caucafrican in the event this happens:

Two caucafrican parents = One black twin, one white twin.



But you better believe I would name those kids (male or female) Ebony and Ivory. Guess where I landed on #50 Irony?