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New Gig, Old Memories

In April 2007, I walked through the doors at Qorvis for the first time. Nearly six years later, I’m still trying to figure out why there is no “U”.

Today marks my last day in the offices at 1201 Connecticut Ave. Well, sort of… I fully expect invites to the book parties, Q staffers. I’ve had a great time working with some very talented folks producing some kick-A results for some pretty amazing clients. Really, I’ve learned so much. What you ask? Here’s a snippet…

25 things I learned at Qorvis:

1. Democrats tip better than Republicans.

2. Ben Affleck is just as dreamy in person, WITH the beard.

3. Elephants walk really, really fast.

4. All Bourbon is whisk(e)y, but not all whisk(e)y is Bourbon.

5. I would like baseball more if all games were like the Subway Series and this was my view:


6. Science can be brought home.

7. With a sweet smile, you can convince six police officers (yeilding really big guns) that you “accidently” broke out of the federal building, after hours. #EventPros

8. Deadlines: (A) internal ones are negotiable, (B) client ones are harder, but (C) I will never, EVER miss a reporter’s deadline (and I’ll make sure anyone I need to meet said deadline it knows it too)

9. Delta flight attendants are the best. They let you dance down the aisle to Call Me Maybe.

10. Road tripping across Missouri for a 30 minute press conference was made more entertaining with a stop at this inappropriately named location:


11. Keeping 16 pairs of shoes at the office is obnoxious when I never change out of the flats I arrived in.

12. Burgers taste better when you fly 3,000 miles just to buy one.

13. Bardstown, KY is not only the Bourbon capital of the world, but the local Hampton Inn offers the world’s best cookies.

14. The tater tots at the Residence Inn in Downtown Baltimore are also wonderful.

15. Doesn’t matter how old you are, Princesses are still amazing:


16. I’m good at predicting major company moves before they even happen.

17. Even on a tight budget, never stay at the Hotel Penn or La Quinta Inn.

18. People in PR are tall.

19. Sometimes, I’m full of shit:


20. Apparently, I talk too fast:


21. People need to learn to talk faster.

22. At work, it’s ok to clown around:


23. And get a little goofy:


24. Courtesy of a client requested personality test half-day session, I’m a high A (assertive) and a low C (impatient).

25. I’m Qonstantly Qompelled to use the letter Q in words that aren’t appliQable.

And, here’s what I still need to learn, but I fear I’ve run out of time:

  1. Delete, archive and organize emails. There is no excuse for 77k in the inbox alone.

If I forgot some “key learnings” please add them in comments below. Thanks for a great run, Qorvis!